Transformers Review: Dairu and Uruaz (Bumblebee Retro Rock Garage Volume 1)

It’s been a bazillion years but it’s time for a #Transformers mini-review! I picked up the recent Bumblebee Volume 1 Retro Rock Garage set. The main event was these two gorgeous toys: Dairu and Uruaz! Got a little artsy with this pic. Cool shadows and translucence!


Dairu is my favorite of the two. As you might already know I adore bipedal green reptiles, and this is one that transforms into a cassette! He’s a bit precarious to pose unless you open his feet apart a little using the handy dandy hinge. That eye sets off the green nicely!


Uruaz is super slick, too. The clear plastic really shows off all the cool engineering inside. The orange and black color scheme works for Halloween, and also for tiny robot Diplodocuses (or whatever, I’m not Alan Grant). How cute are those legs?


Here they are pictured with the other two dinosaur cassettes I own, Slugfest and Overkill! It’s like a Dino Zoo in Soundwave’s chest! Note to self: get the weapons for Slugfest and Overkill, they are naked!


As more cassettes came out, they clearly cared less about the whole “Robots in Disguise” thing, but who cares when they are this nifty?

I had my camera put up and everything before I remembered that Dairu and Uruazu combine! How could I forget such a thing? Probably because the combined form is an ugly mess. It’s the triple changer problem: usually only 2 of the 3 modes look good. Nice bonus, I guess?


Also forgettable is the Bumblebee in the set! I’m not a big #Transformers live action fan but he’s a pretty cool bot. Complex transformation and good articulation. Color isn’t quite as gold as I thought it’d be; kinda drab. Who cares tho when the dino cassettes are so awesome!


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