Transformers Haiku: Masterforce Edition!

mf06A couple summers ago, I had a crazy idea. I would watch an episode of Star Trek (the original!) every day. As a fun creative exercise, I’d take a screenshot from the episode and write a haiku on it. I had a great time with this little project, so much that I went ahead and did the same with the animated series.

Last summer, I knew I wanted to keep on writing those haikus, and I went back to my favorite cartoon of all time: The Transformers! Three seasons and a movie later, I took a break, then moved on to the Japanese Transformers series. Headmasters was earlier this year. I couldn’t wait until summer actually began to begin the latest round!

Transformers: Super God Masterforce aired in Japan in 1988-1989. It is quite different from the previous series in that it basically ignores all prior continuity. Masterforce features all new characters, even though one looks almost exactly like Optimus Prime.

I’m eight episodes in. It’s… ok. It’s interesting to watch these Japanese TF series as an older fan. Without nostalgia for the toys or characters, I’m able to be more… objective, I suppose would be the correct term. Objectively, Masterforce isn’t great. It’s still a decent watch, with some fun elements, unique concepts, and truly intriguing robot designs. I wish more of these characters were getting toys in Power of the Primes!

You can check out the gallery of Masterforce haikus here, and follow me on Twitter for updates.

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