Tupacast 15 is… Stranger Things!

tupacast-15 (1)Another Tupacast has been recorded and is now available! I have a fantastic time watching the smash summer hit from Netfliux, Stranger Things. Chris and Kevin loved it too, and we spent an evening talking about how awesome it was. You can listen to the podcast at the link below, on iTunes, or pretty much any of your friendly neighborhood podcatchers.

Tupacast 15 – Stranger Things

Chris has started a new series over at his blog. It’s an interview series called Five Questions (even though there are seven questions, but you’ll understand why when you read it). I was very excited to be picked as the first person interviewed! The questions Chris asked were very thought provoking, and challenging, in a number of ways. He did throw me a softball, though: Why do you think you like Transformers so much over other properties? If you want to hear my answer, check out the post below!

5 Questions with Christopher Tupa

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