But First… Let Me Take a Shelfie

PopCultureLeague-Logo-BigI am a very goal oriented person. I struggle to get things accomplished in all my hobbies and interests without a sense of direction. Participating in an online contest or challenge is a good way for me to get motivated. I’ve painted several tabletop miniature armies in this way, and honestly, my first book would never have been written if I hadn’t participated in NaNoWriMo. It’s easier for me to work when I set a goal with a deadline to work towards. Also, the support of others online is a great way to keep at things.

When I learned about Cool & Collected’s Pop Culture League, I knew it was just the thing to give me inspiration for blogging. The theme for this, the first week, is “Shelfie”. Participants were tasked with posting pictures of the shelf in their collection they consider their favorite. I knew instantly which one I would use.

This is the most meaningful, nostalgic shelf in my Transformers collection. Only Autobot characters from the first season of the original Generation 1 cartoon are allowed on this shelf. Two versions of each character are represented. G1 toy versions are displayed in vehicle mode. (I’m missing only Slag, the Triceratops Dinobot, of all the G1 versions.) Robot modes are reserved for newer toys based on the original characters. Most of these latter toys are from five to ten years ago. Toy technology has changed, and these characters look great in their new forms. Still, I will always have a soft spot for the 80s versions.

Perusing the rest of the Pop Culture League, I picked out a few other cool shelves to share.

Last Hometown has Godzilla and related figures, plus an adorable Galactus from Super Hero Squad.

Scotch and Spacemen caught my eye due to a nice Gremlins collection. The more mogwai, the better!

Copyright 1984 is very lucky, with a G1 Slag that I totally covet. Also, you can’t go wrong with the Iron Giant and transforming chicken nuggets.

You can find all the “Shelfie” contributions here.


  1. Welcome to the League Marc! I just bought a copy of your first book — always happy to read about other people’s memories of the 80’s — the greatest generation, despite what Tom Brokaw might say.

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