The Star Trek Haiku Project

startrek102As a teacher, one of the big highlights of the year is summer break. I always have such great intentions as my six weeks off school begins. However, I hardly ever seem to actually cross everything of my summer list. This year, I am hoping to change that, for at least one of my summer goals.

I decided to watch one episode of the original Star Trek every day. Throughout the years, I have already seen most of them, but probably not all. Watching through them in order, regularly, sounds like a good way to spend an hour every day. But watching TV isn’t exactly the most creative activity, so I decided to make it so (pardon the pun, and I know that’s a Next Generation line, but still).

After I watch an episode, I will write a haiku based on it. I’ll take a screenshot of the episode, write the poem on it, then share it with the world. The running gallery can be viewed here, or from the tab at the top of the page labelled “Star Trek Haiku”. You can also follow me on Twitter @marcallie, or search for the hashtag #startrekhaiku which I will be using for all these tweets.

I’ve watched three episodes so far, and I am truly enjoying them. I have a fondness for the original show, though many find it cheesy and overbearing. The remastered episodes look gorgeous, with just the right level of change to improve the show without being noticeable. (Star Wars did it WRONG, for sure.) I might blog about an episode here and there, if I have something interesting to say. Otherwise, I will just keep it to 5-7-5 syllables! Hey, that rhymes with Tribbles…

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