Mechagodzilla Loves Paperbacks

Photo May 09, 9 38 53 PMGreat news everyone! Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is now available in paperback! You can purchase a copy at Amazon, sure, but wouldn’t you prefer a copy that’s actually signed by the author? Of course you would. You can get one of those, FOR THE SAME PRICE AS AMAZON, by using the link on my Books page above.

Or just click on this, if you want.

It’s very exciting to open a huge heavy box that’s full of a book you wrote. I love my digital books, and prefer to read them that way myself, but there’s something to be said for an honest to goodness book. They smell good, right?

To celebrate the paperback release, Kindle versions of BOTH of my books are on sale the rest of the week. The discounted price is 100% off; yup, they are free! Go get copies and make sure you have both geeky tales with you on your preferred digital devices all the time.  Get them at the pretty link below.

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