May the Fourth Be With You!

8587210227baf220807be3fce9c13457In honor of Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!), here’s an excerpt from my first book, I Was Geeky When Geeky Wasn’t Cool. Like most kids from the 80s, I was a huge Star Wars fan, and as an adult, I am no less excited about stories from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

“Dozens, if not hundreds, of Star Wars figures hung neatly from their pegs, taking up the top half of nearly an entire aisle. Below them, iconic vehicles from that galaxy far, far away lined the shelving. I looked through each peg of figures, flipping frantically from front to back, as high as I could reach. Han Solo in his blue Hoth gear caught my eye, as did a Snowtrooper. In my mind’s eye, the two squared off in a laser blaster duel in the cold, desolate wastes of that icy planet. A Tauntaun toy was on the bottom shelf. I was particularly enamored by this toy, representing one of the strange, hairy lizard-creatures used as a mount on frozen Hoth. It even had a spring-loaded hatch that you could place your Luke Skywalker figure in, just like in The Empire Strikes back, minus the horrible smell and the grey guts. I was thrilled to see so much plastic Star Wars goodness all in one place.”

Interested in reading more? You can pick up a copy of your own here.

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