New Co-Optimus Review: Starcraft II Legacy of the Void

SC2_Legacy_of_the_Void_The_Purifiers_tga_jpgcopyIt’s been a while since I reviewed a video game at Co-Optimus. Typically, my writing there is dedicated to tabletop games, but every once in a blue moon I cover a video game. This time, it’s Starcraft 2, which recently got a second expansion, Legacy of the Void. The original Starcraft was my favorite video game of all time for many years, and the sequel is almost (but not quite!) as great as its predecessor. Two dedicated co-op modes were added. One is great, the other is just okay. I’ve enjoyed playing both with Connor. Here’s an excerpt from the review.

Co-Op Missions are a wonderful addition, full of long term replay value, but the two player limit is disappointing. Archon Mode is a nice distraction, but isn’t compelling enough to keep you coming back over and over. Clearly, the focus of Starcraft II is competitive multiplayer, and that remains as strong as ever. The single player campaigns are fantastic, too. It’s great to see some dedicated co-op elements in the game, but what we ended up with doesn’t have the same level of polish as the rest of the game.

You can read the whole thing over at Co-Optimus!

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