Don’t Stop the Geekin’

MarkBook2_CoverHave you been wondering where The Learning DM went? I haven’t been DMing the past few months, but enjoying the D&D experience as a player. I’ve also been busy writing a new book! Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is full of more stories from my childhood in the 80s, growing up in a world that was much less friendly to geeks than it is now. There are some funny moments, some cringey moments, and plenty of pop culture references that 80s kids will appreciate.

Chapter titles include:

  • I Was a Second Grade Pencil Thief
  • The Summer of Ms. Pac-Man
  • A Tale of Two Johns
  • Knowing is Half the Battle
  • Mad Math: The Slope Warrior (Beyond Polygons)

Don’t Stop the Geekin’ is available now at Amazon’s Kindle Store. Print copies are coming in May 2016. Sign up for my email list for all the latest news on my books! I’d also encourage you to check out my author blog over at if you are interested in more general geeky stuff.

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