March Madness? Yes, But Not Basketball

2292016.Header_ElementalEvilBGMarch came in like a lion and pretty much stayed that way. For one thing, Book 2 is almost done! I am hoping to have it available next week. But I’ve been busy with other stuff as well…

Over at Co-Optimus, I did a feature on the latest D&D Adventure Board Game. It’s called Temple of Elemental Evil, based on the classic dungeon of the same name from the TSR era. I love this game series, and ToEE is absolutely the best. Check out the feature here.

I’ve been a busy podcaster as well! I joined Christopher Tupa and Kevin Zerbe on the latest episode of the Tupacast, and also met up with the Zerbinator again for his recently rebooted 80-89 Podcast. We had a great time recording. If you’ve ever wanted to hear me sing some Olivia Newton John, now’s your chance!

Tupacast episode 011- Movie Tropes

80-89 Ep. 16 “Feb 20th, 1982”



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