Tabletop Co-Op: Pandemic Legacy

4091446_origOver our winter break, I picked up the hottest new board game on the market: Pandemic Legacy. Connor, Deana, and I finished the last month of the campaign over the weekend. We loved it, and I wrote an article about the game over at Co-Optimus. Here’s an excerpt:

Way, way back in the prehistory of the Tabletop Co-Op column, more than six years ago, we covered our very first cooperative board game here at Co-Optimus: Pandemic. In the time since that first article ran, Pandemic has become one of the most popular board games in the world, spawning a dice game, an upgraded reprint, and several expansions. Last fall, a campaign-based version of the game, Pandemic Legacy, was released, and it is one of the best cooperative gaming experiences I’ve ever had, tabletop, console, PC, or otherwise.

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