11/23 Sneak Peek

I’m pretty sad tonight. I ate the very last of the Monster Cereals for the year. Alas, Boo Berry, I hardly knew ye.

It’s time for another sneak peek at book #2!

If the urge to use the restroom ever came up at school, I would take whatever steps necessary to avoid a trip to the dreaded school toilets. I would fidget and clench and squeeze all day long until I dashed off the school bus, letting a little gas out with every quick step, and made the sweet release of the familiar porcelain of home. It was worth any discomfort, no matter how long, to avoid the bathroom at school.

There was one primary reason why the school potties were the worst: the stalls around each toilet had no doors. There were two walls on the left and right of each seat, but no barrier between the sitter and any outside observers. I would suspect that even for a kid with more, shall we say, regular toileting habits, that the lack of stall doors was a significant deterrent. For me, with my aversion for any unfamiliar bathroom visits, the lack of doors may as well have been an acid-filled moat containing mutated alligators and zombie anacondas. There was no way I would use that toilet, for any reason. The risks were simply too great.

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