11/19 Sneak Preview

Cracked the 10,000 word mark today. Just over 1/3 of my goal for the month, but it is almost 2/3 over. Still, very good progress this week, and I should be able to make up for lost time this weekend and over Turkey Holiday! Here’s your sneak peek for the day.

The act of agreeing to steal a pencil got Brian off my back about it for a day or two, but soon he was pestering me about when I would do the deed. I came up with excuses as best I could, but eventually Brian’s urging got to the point of ugliness. He then played his trump card, and told me that if I was really his friend, I would do this. The choice was very clear: I could either steal a pencil and remain Brian’s friend, or I could back out like some kind of wimp, and Brian had no use for wimpy friends.

I didn’t care about being known as a wimp. Everyone who had ever seen my pitiful attempt at push-ups knew I was a wimp. I could handle being called a wimp. But the prospect of losing a friend was terrifying to me. Having Brian, who was my first real best friend ever, end our relationship, one I valued so highly, was something I could not tolerate. I had to take whatever steps necessary to maintain our friendship. And so, my decision was clear.

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