11/12 Sneak Preview

Another day, another update. Before my fellow Chiefs fans slap me upside the head for the football team in this little update, remember I was 7 years old at the time and didn’t know better. Now I do!

Right outside the principal’s office, there was a machine that dispensed pencils. For the low, low price of ten cents, you could purchase a shiny new pencil. These weren’t just boring yellow #2 pencils, either. These pencils featured the livery of NFL football teams. Instead of being plain old round, these glorious writing utensils were octagonal cylinders. They were beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to write with. It became something of a status symbol for the students in Mrs. Skidmore’s class to own one of these narrow-bodied beauties.

One morning, Brian walked in the classroom with the single most desirable NFL pencil there was. It was painted silver, with blue edging. The name “Dallas Cowboys” was printed in slanted white letters just below the pristine pink eraser. Danny White and Tony Dorsett were leading America’s Team to a fantastic season that year, and they were the most talked about team in Mrs. Skidmore’s class. I didn’t really know much about football, but Brian was a Cowboys fan and as his best buddy, it was my duty to be one too. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the Cowboys pencil, until Mrs. Skidmore called things to order and silence reigned.

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