11/10 Sneak Peek

Really struggling the past few days to keep writing. Rob O’Hara shared a few quotes from Brian Hutchison that helped me get over it. This one was my favorite, I think. “If writing is easy, you’re doing it wrong.” That said, I do have another sneak peek to share today!

And so it was, with a need for acceptance and comradeship, that a new student arrived in our class. His name was Brian. Mrs. Skidmore gave Brian a seat right next to me. I’ve often wondered why she did this. Was it just random chance? Was it to make the rows more precisely even? Was it a display of wisdom, pairing the odd kid with the new one, realizing that both of them truly needed a friend? The cynic in me might lean toward one of the former explanations, but I want to believe it was the latter. She may have been a bad teacher in many ways, but even bad teachers make good decisions.

Whether it was part of Mrs. Skidmore’s master plan or not, Brian and I hit it off well. We made a pretty good pairing. Brian was everything I was not. He ran fast, and could kick the bumpy red rubber ball far into the outfield. He was outgoing, easy to talk to and not afraid of what anyone else thought about him. Brian didn’t have his name on the board as often as poor Zack did, but he got more checks after his name in the first week after his arrival than I had all year long. In short, Brian was everything that I thought I wanted to be.

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