11/8 Sneak Preview

It’s another even day of the month, which means I am sharing more of my writing. Remember that these updates are rough drafts, mostly unedited.

All the air seemed to suck out of the room, and we all sat wide eyed with anticipation. Mrs. Skidmore frowned, and it looked as if her face might slide right off her skull as she said “Zack, if you cannot sit quietly in your chair, I am going to tape you to it.” I crinkled my brow in consideration. Was this something that could actually take place? Surely she was bluffing. A teacher wouldn’t go to such lengths… right?

No more than five minutes later, Zack stopped sitting quietly in his chair. I can’t recall whether he was throwing a spitwad, or poking his neighbor with a pencil, or some other grievous sin. In any event, Mrs. Skidmore was at the board adding a third checkmark and this was enough to send Zack into meltdown. We had seen it many times before; the third check inevitably led to the fourth shortly thereafter, and that meant a trip to the principal’s office. Mr. McCollugh had come to get Zack so many times I suspected he just waited outside Mrs. Skidmore’s door most afternoons. We all bunkered down to watch the show, all hopes of finishing our regrouping practice problems case aside in the thrill of the moment.

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