11/2 Sneak Preview

I am writing my thus-far untitled second book throughout the month of November. I am posting excerpts of my rough drafts here every few days, so everyone can have a sneak preview. Here’s today’s selection.

I cannot remember the name of the first and, necessarily, the greatest (or worst, depending on your view) bully I encountered. My memory is usually very clear, especially when it comes to emotional events from my childhood. Believe me, there was plenty of emotion in play when I dealt with this fellow. But his name isn’t there for me.

I can remember every aspect of his physical appearance, though. His eyes were scowling and slitlike, as if he was looking into the sun all the time. His forehead was broad, and his nose was flat and wide. His mouth had a perpetual sneer, as if he was looking down upon the rest of the world like they were mere ants to his presence. Tanned skin, marked with acne blemishes, was paired with his sun-blond hair. It fell in long waves, and he had a comb at hand most of the time, and he flicked it through his locks often. Tight T-shirts revealed his wide, muscular torso and his jeans were faded, stained, and worn. If Bo Duke existed in the Star Trek continuity, this guy would have been his evil, mirror universe counterpart.

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