From the Painting Table: Gatorman Sacral Vault

Over the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed learning to paint miniatures. A few months ago, I finished this piece, and thought it was decent enough to share on the blog. It is from Privateer Press’ Warmachine/Hordes game, a large battle engine for the Gatorman faction, the Blindwater Congregation. It’s called a Sacral Vault. It is certainly intimidating on the tabletop, and it was  an enjoyable challenge to paint it up!

Thematically, the Vault is a crypt on wheels, being pushed by a muscular pair of Gatormen through a murky swamp. At the top, a bog trog (fishman) shaman has harvested the blood of an unlucky victim. I painted the victim as if it were a blighted Nyss, just to give Connor a hard time since these tainted elves are members of his faction, the Legion of Everblight. The blood of this unfortunate fellow is draining into magical drains, and powers the magic of the Sacral Vault. The souls of previous victims are stored inside, but ready to burst forth to attack at the shaman’s bidding.

I did quite a bit of modification on this one. A gatorman shaman holding the severed head of the victim is what came in the Sacral Vault box; I thought this was a bit too gruesome, plus I love the looks of the fishmen. The replacement bog trog mini comes from the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed starter set. It was molded in rubbery plastic, not resin or metal, so it isn’t quite as detailed as I would like, but still I think the shaman turned out pretty well. The biggest mod is the addition of magnetized spirit models, which can be used to represent the souls the Vault collects in the game. These are Spirit Hosts from Warhammer Fantasy. It’s the most extensive magnetizing I have ever done, but I think in the end it was worth it.

Let me know what you think about the pics by posting a comment below!

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