The Beginner’s Guide to Tabletop Co-Op

697068013Yesterday, I wrote an article over at Co-Optimus. The Beginner’s Guide to Tabletop Co-Op provides a list of the best board and card games to try for those who are taking their first steps in cooperative tabletop gaming. Here’s an excerpt:

We’ve compiled a list of great options for those of you who are new to modern board and card games. The games on this list were chosen with three important factors in mind. First of all, complexity. These games are simple to learn, but deep enough to promote repeated plays. Secondly, thematic appeal. The idea is to get a game that all sorts of people will want to play, not just hardcore fans of a particular genre. Lastly, and most importantly, cooperation. All five games on this list require all players to team up and make decisions in order to meet their shared goals, and do so in enjoyable ways.

Check out the article here!

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