Winter Is Coming!

Nights stretch longer and longer, and when morning finally breaks, there is a chill crispness to the air.  Winter is coming!

Over at Wombat’s Gaming Den of Iniquity (a great blog with a snappy title), several RPG bloggers have teamed up to deliver winter-themed content.  I jumped on the chance for inclusion, being quite fond of adventures and monsters relating to cold climates and environments.  I chose to share my alternate finale for “Cairn of the Winter King”, which, as I’ve mentioned several times, is one of my favorite 4E adventures.  If a fight against a vicious white dragon on a flying longship made of melting ice sounds interesting to you, check it out.

I’ve read several of the other entries into the blog festival, and have been quite impressed.  While some non-4E content is included, most everything can be read for inspiration, at the very least.  I highly recommend you head on over to the Winter Is Coming site this week, and also take a look around Wombat’s blog, as it is an excellent source as well.  I’m glad to be included in such a fine gathering of talent and creativity!

I plan to have a full slate of new content here this week.  Tomorrow, I’ll share my thoughts on a speedy alternative to long, set-piece style 4E encounters.  Tuesday, it’s Game Night, and I’ll cover my favorite deckbuilding game.  It’s also time for my monthly D&Development post, which will go up later on in the week.  Hopefully you’ll find these posts useful!

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