Another Big Move!

The big move is over. Boxes are almost all unpacked. Garage is cleaned out. The work on the gameroom/man-cave section of the garage, plus the new Transformers collection shelves, is in full swing.

First, the gameroom. I managed to convince Deana to keep half the two-car garage as a gameroom of sorts. It’s coming together nicely. The centerpiece, of course, is the arcade cabinet. Last night, I fired it up for the first time while “working” in the garage. Bad idea! I ended up playing Marvel Super Heroes for a half hour. Of course, once Connor saw it up and running, he played for an hour or so himself, while I worked. I’m not sure which one of us had more fun, him playing, or me watching him.

We have a table hockey game, too. It’s like foosball but hockey instead of soccer. One of the players is broken, but it’s still playable, and it’s probably the best $30 I ever spent at Target. On the wall behind the table hockey, I framed and hung my Star Wars posters. If they aren’t the best looking movie posters ever, I don’t know what would be.

A dartboard is on the wall, near the entrance inside. It’s at regulation height, even, and I taped down a line at the standard 8 feet away. So far, the hole in the wall count is at 4, 3 Connor’s and 1 mine. (Don’t tell Chad Tate.)

The air hockey table is no longer a place to throw stuff on. It’s all cleared off and ready to go. Seems there’s not much air pressure, the puck doesn’t slide very well. Going to have to look into that. Now if I can get a pinball machine, and eventually, a cocktail arcade cabinet, I’m set for big stuff. The rest will be fun stuff: rope lights, a disco ball, and maybe even a jukebox or some sort. I can’t wait!

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