Too Much Football?

I think there is something wrong with me. I am actually looking forward to the end of the football season.

Blasphemy, you are thinking? Yeah, I’d have thought so too. Let me tell you, I am a fan. I dutifully record each Chiefs and Rams game. I also watch every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, and any Saturday NFL games too. Additionally, I watch the four best games of the week on NFL Network’s NFL Replay each week.

Folks, that is a lot of football. In fact, it’s too much. Even with the ability to fast forward and skip commercials, that’s about 9 hours a week of gridiron action. As the season wore on, I started dropping games. The first cut was the Rams, then, NFL Replays of teams I don’t particularly care for. By the end of the season, I had even stopped taping Chiefs games. I heard them on the radio, watched them at my Grandpa’s a bit, but didn’t rewatch at home later. Two years ago, I never would have let a Chiefs game go by.

I really enjoy the postseason, as there are few games, and each team is good. This usually makes for interesting TV (sometimes not, thank you Carolina Panthers). But all in all, I’m glad the season will be over soon, and there’s only one more game to watch.

Hopefully, the Chiefs won’t be a laughingstock next year and I’ll enjoy the season more. In the meantime, I’ll just have to pull for the Cards and former Ram Kurt Warner!

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