Snow Days!

So, I’m over a month late with an update. Unsurprisingly, December was extremely busy. Here are some of the highlights.

My love of snow days is well known, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. The week before Winter Break, we were out of school for four days! It was mostly ice and sleet, not snow, and new layers kept coming each night. We used this time wisely, of course: mainly we watched movies, played video games, and snacked. It was cool watching one of my favorite films, Gremlins, with the kids. Connor wants a Gizmo now, but I think Moon would probably eat him. When we did go back, it was for a half day, and it was about as fast paced as you can imagine. Each period lasted about 25 minutes… I kind of wish it was that way all the time!

We’ve been spending quite a bit of time at my Grandparent’s place lately, and we all were there for his birthday. He is pretty good with his new power chair, for sure. Still, he’s not getting around well and I know that’s hard on him and grandma, especially.

We spent a week in Michigan during the break. It was extremely cold, and when we arrived, there were 13 inches of snow on the ground! Awesome. The kids got to play in the snow every day, and loved it. Each day it kept snowing a bit, just enough to keep it looking nice. Thankfully, the weather warmed up for our drive back home. We had a very nice time up there, it was one of the best visits I can remember. Lots of food, games, and movies. (See a pattern?)

New Year’s Eve was spent with friends from Church. I learned to play Spoons, and I am quite terrible at it. Still, it was a nice way to spend the evening. Dana and Kelli are quite vicious when it comes to this game. I was afraid Brent was going to lose a finger at one point.

The January blahs are in effect now that we’re back at work. Good thing January Jamboree is just around the corner!

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