Nerd Alert

I just start updating again, and I go and miss a Saturday post. Can you believe it’s because we’ve been incredibly busy? Yup, like everyone else, we’ve had something to do almost every night.

Midquarter has already come and gone. This means, lots of grading at home. Let me tell you, I hate grading. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to be a special reading teacher, and not a regular classroom teacher. This year, I’m back in the regular classroom two hours a day. So, a bit of grading. Luckily, NFL Replay gets me through it. Also, I have some”help” from Moon, the cat, as you can see above.

NERD ALERT: I dusted my Transformers, and moved them around a bit. Check out the view over my monitor. I have the best man-cave of all time. Well, the best man-cave you can afford on a teacher’s salary of all time, at least.

Deana has been the PTA All-Star. She was the master planner for the first PTA Movie Night at Halfway. Kung Fu Panda, on the projector, in the gym, with popcorn, soda, candy, the whole nine yards. It was a huge success and over 100 people showed up! All the proceeds went to help some needy families from the school district this winter. Bravo, my lovely wife!

Brandon’s making all A’s. He’s also working on the latest Drama club production. He’s Young Ebeneezer Scrooge, which is about the perfect role for him, the way he is with saving money. Connor is doing awesome at school, particularly in math. He’s also becoming quite the artist. I’ll try to get some scans up of his super heroes. No clue why he loves drawing super heroes so much…

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