Dizzy McFainterson

This week seemed to go on and on forever. It started off well, but went south pretty quickly.

First of all, last weekend, the hard drive on our satellite receiver went out. There go all our recordings and the ability to pause and rewind live TV. I could live with that, but when the replacement was on its way, it stopped working entirely. No satellite at all, period. Luckily I have an antenna for over the air HD anyway, so at least we could watch local channels. I’d really like to have had CNN for election night, though!

Speaking of Tuesday, ours was pretty lousy. Deana had a real scare at school, with tremendous pain in her arm and back, and numbness and elevated blood pressure as well. We left as soon as we could and got her to the doctor. He ruled out heart attack and stroke first, and let me tell you, that was terrifying, for me. Deana was hurting so bad she cried when the doc had her lay down on her back. This is the woman who took 4 Tylenol when she birthed Connor! After blood work, X-rays, and an EKG, all he found was pneumonia. Deana has been on antibiotics and taking pain medicine as she needs it all week, but she’s still run down. She went back to school Thursday and I think it was too much for her. I’m glad she took yesterday off, for sure. Hopefully she’ll recover quickly.

Back to Tuesday, the Basketball Dinner was a success, though we were late due to being at the doctor’s. We had a very good turnout, the kids (and adults) had a great time, and Brandon was hilarious when he gave out the awards.

Wednesday was a real headache. The replacement satellite receiver arrived, and swapping it out was a huge pain. Brandon and I both whacked our heads several times on our wall-mounted speakers. It looks like a rat’s nest behind our TV, what with all the cords and wires running everywhere. Whoever invents wireless power will be very, very rich. Tesla may have been onto something, right?

Flu shots were this week, too. The big jock himself, Brandon, got dizzy and had to stay in the nurse’s office for a while. I walked him back to class and told the kids to call him “Dizzy McFainterson” for the rest of the day. Connor was far braver, and as a result he got to open a new Power Rangers toy. Of course, he arranged it with some others “to put on the internet”, so here is a picture.

The weekend, in contrast to the rest of the week, has been rather relaxing. I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures and the fall colors. Our yard is covered in golden yellow leaves, and Deana’s mums are gorgeous. Lots of Xbox and even the Wii today. We’re heading to a birthday party soon, at the movie theater, and watching Madagascar 2 afterward. I’ll talk to you later, right now I’ve got to move it, move it…


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