Attached are the latest pictures of the cabinet. I still have the “test” bezel on, plain old foam board. Not terrible, but still needs some work. I am considering using some model paint to paint the TV speakers black, so they don’t stick out so much from the bezel, though they will certainly be noticeable either way. I’m thinking get the foam bezel just like I want it, then use some 1/4″ plywood painted gloss black like the rest of the cab, and that will just about do it. I’m considering putting some sort of yellow trim around the hole for the TV screen, to look more like an original Q*bert bezel.

I did have a friend whip up a nice custom marquee for me, which I have attached. It should be here this week, if all goes well. I also fiddled with a layout for Mala, and have attached a screenshot of that, also.

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