The next dilemma

Ok, now we are up to date. As I said before, in hindsight, I would have changed so much. It likely would have been less work to start totally from scratch, as really the only reason not to would have been keeping the sideart. I’d gladly pay for the sideart on a new cab if it meant my cabinet would not look so, well, CRAP Mame-worthy. I had to make lots of sacrifices to keep the cabinet like it was, with no lighted marquee, place for speakers, overlapping control panel, and all the other ugly stuff. I certainly plan to do much better on cabinet #2, eventually.

I do need some advice, primarily about speakers. As it is right now, I am using the speakers on the TV. However, as I will be putting on a bezel, I am in a bit of a dilemma. Do I cut holes in the bezel to allow the TV speakers to be used, or do I put some dedicated speakers somewhere else on the cabinet. I suppose the top would be the best place, but that surely seems odd. To be frank, I really want to get this thing done, and looking “pretty good”, so I can start building the replacement. I’d love a nice bezel with lexan/glass on it, but I doubt that will work if I keep using the TV speakers.

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