Not much labor on Labor Day

My original plan was to touch up paint yesterday, but I got lazy and instead worked on cutting a hole for the monitor in the foam board bezel. I got it to work pretty well, first try. However, the cut is rough and the foam board was pretty bent after being stored for 2 years. I’ll probably get another piece of foam board and cut it with a sharper razor blade, first, and then upgrade to a piece of plywood at some point in the future.

I did wipe the cab down with a damp cloth to prep for painting, so the time wasn’t totally wasted. Tonight, or Thursday, I will get the paint touched up.

I’ve spent some time looking at changes to the actual software used in the cabinet. I think I can use a different, customized layout for Maewah, which matched the cab better. I also plan to use either CPViewer or Johnny 5 to show what the controls are for each game. Lots of advances have taken place even in the three or so years it has been since I put the cab together for the first time. I plan to fiddle with my ROMs, getting the list pared down to just what is playable on my cab, and isn’t a duplicate. Lots to do, but getting closer all the time!

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