Dust to dust…

Well, today was a very dusty day. I managed to clean up the messy cuts using a combination of a rouater, a zipsaw, a jigsaw, and a sander. It’s not perfect but it’s 1000% better than it was, and that was the big thing.

Using some good old ingenuity, I decided on using some Jenga pieces to support the bezel. Yes, it is ghetto, but I don’t have most of my tools right now and this way was quick, easy, and workable. No one will see under the bezel, anyway. I cut a black piece of foam board to size, and adjusted it to fit snugly against the TV. I still haven’t figured out a way to keep the TV from moving around during serious play; I suppose I’ll just have to rely on gravity and friction. Here’s a shot of the bottom two Jenga bezel supports and the cool new buttons.
Slowly but surely, I am getting there. Slowly crossing things off the list, I am left with:

1. Touching up some problem areas of the paint.
2. Ordering a marquee/plexiglass, and mounting it.
3. New hinges on the door to replace old ugly painted ones.
3. Putting it all back together and playing some GAMES!

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