Finally working on the cab again!

I discovered the only way to actually get work done on the cabinet: haul it back into the garage! I’ve told myself I will not bring it back in until it is DONE, absolutely complete. By bringing it in working, I end up playing it and not worrying about finishing it up. So, out in the garage it goes, until it is finished!

So far, it has been in the garage about two weeks. In that time, I completed a MAJOR part of the work, fixing the control panel sides back up. It took some real effort, and I had to use screws on the sides of the cab around the side buttons, which look poor now. However, once they are painted yellow I think it will be just fine. Really there was no other option. In hindsight, it was idiotic to think that the entire control panel would stay mounted forever while only being held on by the side buttons. It is definitely solid now, as there are screws through the back and sides holding it in securely. In addition, by using small finish nails I was able to get the front and side parts of the control panel to match up again. I hope it holds up to the wear and tear of use. You can see the fixed CP in the pic below.
In other news, I ordered red, yellow, and blue buttons from Groovy Game Gear. I think they brighten up the look of the cab considerably. The bright colors pop off the black CP overlay quite nicely, and match the Q*Bert sideart perfectly. Also, I got an UNREAL Coin Door, which is basically a really nice vinyl sticker that looks like a coin door! I can’t wait to trick my friends into putting in tokens…

This weekend, the plan is to use a router to clean up the jagged mess of cuts in the back and on the marquee. Then I can put the TV in, and brace it somehow so it doesn’t move. Once this is done, I can begin to plan for the bezel area. I’m very excited to be working on the cab again; it’s getting SO close to being done, and then I can start on another! 😛

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