I Miss the Far Side

OK, here we are, it has been forever and a year since I posted anything at all. But today, somehow, I thought of something I could write about. Something that people might find interesting. So, here we go.

I miss The Far Side.

Today I was reading Dilbert online. Now, don’t get me wrong, Dilbert is a good and fair comic. I have laughed at Dilbert many times. It is easily the best comic that is currently in the local Sunday newspaper. But honestly, it’s just.. okay. Not great. Don’t even get me started on Garfield, or other such junk. Foxtrot and Dilbert pretty much are the cream of the crop.

Think about it. Can you remember any Dilbert, or Foxtrot, off the top of your head? I can think of zero Dilberts and exactly one Foxtrot. Now, isn’t that a shame, considering that they are among the best out there today?

Even more than a decade after it ended, I still remember so many Far Sides. Cow tools. The skydivers school next to the alligator farm. The gifted kid pushing the “pull” door. I could go on, and for that, I am sad. The Far Side was the best comic, ever. It was worth every penny of the $75 I paid for the Complete Far Side set. I was saddened when I finished reading the set, but I am sure that when I read it again, I will enjoy it just as much as I did the first time.

Still though… I miss The Far Side.

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