So close, and yet so far…

Finally, when I could afford it, I purchased a 20” flatscreen TV that had just the right measurements to fit inside. I should have had the TV in mind from the beginning, and built the cab around it, but I didn’t have the $120 or so at the time, and the old monitor was working just fine. I was confident that the new TV’s measurements would ensure that it slid right in with no problems.


The TV was about half an inch too tall to fit in! Heart wrenching! After weighing my options, IO decided to I had to (gulp) take a jigsaw to the marquee panel. The cut was terrible, but I got it in, after cutting a new hole in the back for the back of the tube, which was about 2 inches too deep. It was extremely messy, for sure, but I was so anxious to get the TV in I just went for it, figuring I could fix it later.

The TV worked fantastically! The games had more of the arcade type of feel, not the high res of a monitor, which was nice. Plus, the flat screen was awesome for crowding four players around to see. At this point, I still had no bezel, a lame marquee, and no T-molding. Again, though, intertia got the best of me and I spent most of my time playing and no time working on the cab.

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