The first public "test"

After the cab was finished, the moment of truth arrived. The CP set right in (whew!), and I drilled holes through the side of the HotRod so I could attach the side “flipper” buttons to the outside of the cab. A few days of hard work sanding, painting, and more, the cab was complete enough to bring inside. I slapped an old 17” monitor in it and had some friends over for more “testing” as seen above. The cab was a big hit even in an incomplete state.

Notice, at this point, I had no T-Molding (MAJOR problem later), no permanent monitor, and just a homemade marquee printed on photo paper and taped on. Pretty shabby, I know, and in retrospect, I should have never brought it in, because it stayed like this for almost a year. A wondrous, MAMEy, happy year, but I digress!

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