Another Deana Update!

Howdy folks! Welcome to our world. Here it is time for another Holiday season. The snow has been here and gone and now they are saying we are going to have 60 degree weather on Sunday. Unbelieveable! I put out my snowmen and the next thing I knew we had 3 days off for snowdays!!!! I baked cookies for the guys everyday:) The smells, lights and holiday t.v. watching are here!!!!! We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful new year!!!

We’ll be going home to Michigan for the holidays. How exciting. I can’t wait to see mom and dad’s face when they see how big Connor has gotten.

Brandon is the best big brother a boy could ask for. He really takes care of Connor. Connor does everything Brandon does as best as possible.

Brandon is now playing Basketball. Last Saturday was his first game. He made two points (his first ever)! Connor wanted to be out on the court with Brandon, but he was fine watching the boys play.

We went to the school christmas program this week. It was a Western Christmas. It was great! Saw the jr. high band perform. They have 5 members. This is the first for the school I think. But Wow! The music teacher has cancer of the throat. He was able to attend and put on the show. It is something how you can go 30 min away from the city and the attitude of people change. I’m so glad to see Marc enjoying his class and fellow teachers. Our prayers were answered.

Well, folks Marc is going to be surprised that I remembered how to do this.

Take care and take time to enjoy each day and the view.


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