Proud of my Boys

I know what you are thinking! “An update? But it hasn’t been a month yet!” Yes, that’s right! I’m shattering all expectations by publishing a few days early! Actually, I am sitting here bored at school waiting on my late round of parents to arrive for conferences. I’m sure I could be grading papers or something, but it’s not like I didn’t work today! 🙂

We got Brandon’s grade card today, and he is doing AWESOME. He’s making 95% plus in every subject. His Stanford 9 test showed he is reading at a 7th grade level. The boy reads constantly. Comics, magazines, short books, long books, you name it, he reads it. Several at a time, too. He’s really quite amazing and we are totally proud of him.

Connor is changing so much! He’s becoming so indepedent. His latest trick is going over to where you are sitting and pushing at your legs and bottom until you stand up, then taking your hand and showing you something. I haven’t gotten sick of it yet. 😉 We had a pretty funy incident the other night. It was late, and Deana was rocking connor to sleep. I was on the computer, and the sound on the game I was playing was too loud. Deana asked me to turn it off so Connor could sleep. I plugged in my headphones and played away. About 30 minutes later, I felt something on my back. I didn’t think much of it, just figured it was Deana’s foot maybe. It came again. I turn around and look and lo and behold, there is Connor, standing up, poking my butt through the bars of my chair, laughing like a maniac. Put him to bed early? Riiiiight.

More next time! Bye!

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