Life is Super Good

OK, so I am getting better about the updates. This time, it was just a month and 2 days, that’s 2 days shaved off! When you are hyper-busy like we are, it goes fast.

So where to begin? Life is really, really, super good these days. Almost every day, I think to myself how happy I am. I have a great home, wonderful children, a fantastic wife, and for the first time in a long time, I enjoy my work. I’m so thankful for everything. It’s amazing how everything works out so well. Just a few short months ago, I was worried sick baout our future, and now, well… we’re blessed, is all I can say.

Brandon is excelling at his new school! He has made an impression on all the staff at Halfway, especially his teacher, Mrs. Seifner. (That’s SIGH-F-NUR, a good trick my mom told Brandon is to remember “sci-fi nerd”. It works!) She told me the other day he should just wake up and be a 30 year old someday, because that is how he acts and talks. Then, he says something that reminds her he is still a second grader. I have no idea where he learned to act like a 30 year old kid. *Looks around innocently*

Connor has learned a new skill: removing his diaper! I’m not nearly excited about this new thing as I was, say, walking. So far, it has been clean or just wet, but sooner or later…. eeeewww…. He’s also been running after the cones and soccer balls at all of Brandon’s games. As I predicted, I DO look silly running after a 15 month old.

Deana is really enjoying her time at home with Connor. She is so much happier staying at home. She takes pride in running a tight ship around here, and I sure appreciate it too. We walk in to fantastic smells coming from the kithcen and a glass of ice tea and kool aid every day. I tell ya, this is the life!

Well, enough sappy ramblings for one update. See you soon.

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