New School Year

OK so it has been over a month. It’s been HYPER busy.

We’re finally starting to get into a normal schedule! Brandon came back a couple weeks ago, and we were so glad to see him. I think he grew about a foot and got 3 times more tan while he was gone! My reasons for wanting him back were more selfish. Connor can’t really play video games or Heroclix, and I needed a partner!

My brand new school career has started! I’m teaching 5th grade at Halfway elementary school. We’ve been in session for a week and a half now, and I have to say I am very happy here. The staff, kids, and environment are 500% better than the situatrion I was in last year. Maybe 1000%, even. I really feel like a TEACHER and not a lion tamer these days. Another cool thing is that Brandon goes to school with me! I’m really learning to enjoy the drive to and from school while me and Brandon talk things over. It’s been awesome, just awesome.

Connor is a walking fiend! He can go pretty much anywhere he wants now, there’s np slowing him down at all. He has been cutting teeth which makes him a bit grumpy, but I’m proud to see him doing his precarious little walk all over the place. Next up comes running, which I am not exactly looking forward to. I’ll look pretty odd running after a 15 month old…

It’s football season! I’m totally stoked about this weekend, where I get to go see the Chiefs/Rams preseason game with Curtis! I’ve never been to a Chiefs game at all, and to get the bonus of seeing the Rams too…. well… it’s incredible. I just walk around grinning thinking about seeing all my favorite players in real life (albeit far away). I’m not planning on wearing my Marshall Faulk jersey up there, that’s for sure.

I think that’s all for now, hope to update a BIT more often!

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