Dragons, Warcraft, and Poop

Reign of Fire was a good movie. Not great, but good. I was expecting more of an Independence Day type of movie, and it actually was more like Aliens. I’d like to have seen more scenes with multiple dragons, and more of the war between dragons and men. There was a few awesome sequences, notably the parachuting scene. All in all, worth the price of admission.

We leave in 2 days for the final wedding of this summer of many weddings! Marcie and Kevin are getting marriued in Michigan, and Deana is in the wedding party! We’ll be gone just over a week or so. And then, it’s almost time for school to start. Wow, the summer has gone quickly!

Let’s see what other interesting things have happened lately…

How about Connor running off from the bathtub into the dining room (minus diaper of course) and leaving a little… shall we say… present for us on the floor. All I heard was Deana’s scream and ran into the bathroom, where she had Connor on the toilet, and he was hanging on for dear life! Hehe. He thought it was hilarious and of course it was, once everything was all cleaned up!

Deana bought be Warcraft 3 for my birthday, as I had requested. 🙂 The game is awesome. I enjoyed the beta a lot, but I gotta say, the single player missions are incredible. The plot is better than most movies, the cutscenes are high caliber, the in game movies are perfect… It’s a masterpiece, really, and well worth the wait. I tremble in anticipation of Starcraft 2 and especially Worlds of Warcraft.

That’s all for now, live long and prosper!

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