Crazy Summer

Wow, how busy can we be?

2 weekends ago, Deana’s family came into town! We had a really nice visit. I enjoyed watching Justice League episodes with Brandon and A.J. and teaching A.J. how to play Heroclix with Brandon in particular. Oh, and watching The Sum of All Fears with Deana’s Dad. And, the steaks for Father’s day, and the grilled chicken the next day! I tell ya, we just get into using the grill again and then we have to sell it, since we can’t have one at the new place. Maybe an electric (and legal) grill is in out future…

Speaking of the new place, we move in this Friday. We have packed up most of what we don’t need to live with from the bedrooms so far. Tomorrow we will finish up, and then start filling the U-Haul Friday morning. We expect Deana’s family back (and the little man too) Saturday morning, so there is a LOT to get done! Luckily, the garage sale was a big success and we got rid of a lot of stuff, and made enough money to get the new desk I’ll need for the computers!

The best part of the summer so far has been my daily naps with Connor. We are getting to be good buddies! Too bad that’ll just make school starting back up harder hehe. Course, this year, I am REALLY looking forward to school, for once. Can’t wait to get my room set up.

I’ll update again after the move, we’ll have no internet for a while, until the 3rd actually. So expect more then.

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