Preparing to Move

I thought summer was supposed to be nice and relaxing!

We have been really busy since school let out. Now that I accepted the job in Halfway, we’ve been planning our move, looking at new places to live, checking all the options, that sort of thing. We’ve found a really nice townhouse style apartment, on the north side of Springfield. It seemed to be a good compromise, as it allows me to have a far shorter drive to work (about 40 minutes tops) while still staying in town so Mom can watch Connor, and Brandon can still go to WINGS. We hear this week whether or not we are approved to move in.

Of course, scaling down from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment is quite a chore! We have thrown away so much stuff! The trash dumpster and several bags and boxes were picked up just yesterday, and already the dumpster is full again! Also, we have about half of the garage filled with things for a garage sale. I’m hoping we can get rid of all that stuff and get some extra money for the move, to boot.

We’re looking forward to having Deana’s family down to visit this weekend. It will be nice to see them again! I’m not sure that trading Ashley for Brandon is a good deal tho hehe.

Catch ya on the flip side!

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