Spider-Man Made Me Cry

I apologize for the lack of updates. I hope to get at least a weekly update from now on so you know what we are up to. It has been a crazy busy time here at the Allie house.

This past Tuesday, I had my most recent of 3 interviews for positions in surrounding school districts. Let’s just say that they aren’t exactly beating down my door to hire me. I’m going to start looking for alternatives soon; my teaching career might be finished.

However, Spider-man kicked BOOTAY so I really can’t feel that bad hehe. Spidey has always been one of my favorites, and this movie actually did him right. It was 99.9% true to the comics. I’m always disappointed when a movie based on a comic changes things (Batman using a gun? The Punisher with no costume? David Banner, not Bruce Banner, in the Hulk TV show?), so it was a real treat to see the classic stories on the big screen. I get all choked up when I remember how cool it was seeing it with my boys. 😉

A few people I have talked to seemed to think it was way too slow for a good action flick. That may be the case, but when you look at it as the start of a franchise of movies, I’m glad they took the time for good character development. Pretty much every comic book fan seems to love the movie; lamers who didn’t read comics as kids find it merely adequate.

The Hulk, Daredevil, and X-Men 2 are all in production. It’s nice to see what was once seen as a “geeky” medium (ok ok comics are a bit geeky… ok, a LOT geeky even) get great treatment in the mainstream media.

Plans for this weekend include watching all the Star Wars movies to prepare for Episode 2 next week. I just hope it’s as good as Spider-man.

Movies to look out for this summer: Men in Black 2, Reign of Fire, xXx, and then the new Bond movie in the fall.

Next update, sooner than the last. Later!

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