Sunshine, Sonic, and Giant Leeches

I had an interview yesterday! I am so pumped up and excited. I feel like I have Code Red pumping through my veins. In fact, I was so hyped up that I woke up early this morning. Early, as in 2:45. It was good, though, I wasn’t tired and I worked on getting the last few things installed on the computer. We are, once again, digital camera and webcam equipped. So, expect to see more pictures and videos here at the Allie Alley.

I have to say a few things about what an awesome day last Saturday was. We woke up early to go to Brandon’s first outdoor soccer game! It was so much more fun than indoor soccer, though my nose might disagree. The Sunshine Sidekicks won, 1-0. Brandon is turning into quite an athlete!

After the game, we went to Sonic for breakfast/lunch. Now that Connor is so mobile, it’s quite an experience to eat fast food. He wants his own food, so we order plain hamburgers for him. He eats the bun, and loves them. He also likes to suck on french fries. It’s an odd image, I know.

After Sonic, we went to Best Buy. I needed to buy a good shielded coaxial cable for the VCR and TV. Of course, we looked through the movies while we were there. Lo and behold, I hit a gold mine! For a mere $7.99, double drive-in features of such classics as The Wasp Woman and Attack of the Giant Leeches could be had! Deana let me buy two, the aforementioned DVD and also the Beast from Something Cave / The Brain that Wouldn’t Die. It’s fine cinema, I tell you!

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