First Haircut!

What a crazy week!

Connor was up Sunday night SCREAMING. Not crying, screaming. It was horrible. We called the urgent care clinic and they recommended Motrin. My mom and dad rushed over with the medicine, and 45 minutes later he was far better. Still, it was a yucky way to spend the night.

Monday my motherboard came in! I asked Curtis to come over and we got it all together. Of course it takes a while to get everything back on, but I got the essentials on first! (That would be Everquest and Magic Online.) The new system screams. It’s like going from an old rusted out VW Beetle to a shiny new Corvette. Vroom!

Deana did the unthinkable and cut Connor’s hair! No more hippy look for my youngest boy. I knew she wouldn’t be able to hold out til May! He looks like a big boy now, hard to believe he is 10 months old already. A picture of the new ‘do is to come later.

1 hour until school is out! I have 32 ounces of Mountain Dew Code Red in my system now, I hope that will enable me to survive the last brutal minutes of the week before spring break.

That’s all for now I guess hehe.

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