I’m suddenly in the job market. ‘Nuff said.

Yesterday was D-Day. The D stands for “Dubya”, as in, the tax check cleared baby! We celebrated by getting some stuff.

Connor got this. I foresee chasing balls around the house in my future.

Brandon got this guy. It changes into a neat-o mechanical cybernetic shark. (Duh.)

Deana got some unmentionables. I would post a picture, but this isn’t that kind of web site! 😛 And here’s what I got! I have been looking forward to it forever!

Yes, the thing I wanted most was an automatic kitty litter cleaner! For the man who has it all already! Hehe.

Great weekend really. I rediscovered my love for chocolate-covered espresso beans, spent some money, and watched two great movies, Jurassic Park 3 and The One. All in all, a weekend to remember!

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