SMART Boards, Comedians, and Ear Infections

What a busy busy day.

I had the day off school (kind of) and attended an educational technology conference here in town. Lots of cool stuff; boy would I love to teach in a Smart Board equipped classroom. Too bad our school system is about 5 years behind the pack when it comes to technology.

I got to pick Brandon up! That’s always fun. He said this to me when I saw him after school: “Hey, do I know you?” 7 years old and already a comedian! You heard it here first.

Connor is not getting much better. We’ve been to the doctor 4 times in the past week and a half. Looks like he has a virus on top of his bacterial ear infection. Poor kid threw up 4 times today. None on me though! 😉 I’m making Deana take the day off tomorrow so she and Connor can both get some needed rest.

Well that’s it, I’m off to play Magic Online. See ya next time!

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