An Update from Deana

Hello to all! yep it’s me. Can you believe it? Well, I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy March! Hopefully, this means that spring is on it’s way.

All is well here. Connor is on his 4th ear infection yuck! But his eating habits haven’t faltered by any means. He loves to eat! And if you take a bite

you better give him a bite of something. He drank milk from a sippy cup for the first time today and liked it. Connor also showed Grandma Jana how

he could pull himself up in the playpen today. Yeah!! Connor plays with the tv on and off button especially when Brandon is playing the nintendo. hehe

Also, my corner shelf with my goodies is now safer due to putting a chair in front of it and moving the bookshelf over. So, that Connor’s little hands

can’t play with my knick knacks.

Well, I better run and do a few chores before Connor wakes up from nap and it’s time to go get Brandon from school

love ya! Surprise! Surprise!

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