No Computer = Productivity

Just a quick ramble before bed:

The “good side” of frying your motherboard:

1. Added incentive to finish tax return. Thanks Mr. Bush and CO., in advance.

2. I actually read a book in less than a week. I think that is a record. No, it wasn’t a kid’s book. There weren’t even any pictures.

3. Good chance to tune up and optimize Brandon’s computer.

4. Downloaded and can play the Magic Online beta test. I’m enjoying it a lot. Reminds me of the days when I first started playing Magic way back in 1993. I didn’t know every card, didn’t own every card, and still loved playing. Magic Online is as close to that as I have ever been since.

5. Brandon and I played Dungeons and Dragons. The pen-and-paper-miniatures-map-token-colored dice version. He is so smart. It was a hoot.

6. I have changed more diapers and fed more baby food in the past 2 weeks than I had been in a while.

7. More time to update the blog. 😉

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