Muhammad I’m Odd Bruce Lee

It was another busy weekend here in Allie-land. On Friday night, we celebrated the end of the week by going to Blockbuster to rent movies! Rant mode on: Blockbuster won’t take more than one free movie rental coupon per day, so we had to leave with just one. We made it up to Brandon by taking him to get his movie after his soccer game. Then, we got McDonald’s and headed home.

Deana and I watched Snatch. It was great! Warning: don’t watch unless you have a thick skin for profanity. It was so genuinely clever and well written that it made up for the swear words though. Best line:

“I don’t care if he’s Muhammad I’m Odd Bruce Lee!”

Friday evening wrapped up with the Olympics.

Saturday was busy as well. I worked on the computer, swapping a hard drive from the other PC to the one that’s working now. Took forever but I have more storage now, until I get the other one fixed. The Power Rangers and Transformers were in fine form, of course. Brandon and I worked on cleaning his room. By that, I mean I played with and arranged his toys and he cleaned the floor. Connor mainly chewed on some of Brandon’s books. The soccer game was a nail biter! Ended up in a tie, but boy the kids played hard. We ate at Cracker Barrel with Mom and Dad, and Adam and Jo came over in the evening.

Sunday was busy with church, and me writing the letters to Nigeria to be sent this week. That keeps us up to date. Brandon is yelling at me to come play Pokemon Stadium, so see ya next time!

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