Shocking Omelettes

Well! What a crazy few weeks this has been. The latest on the computer front: the cable modem is fixed! We had water in our line which was causing the internet and TV to be all whacked out. The cable guy fixed it. However, when installing some RAM on Monday night, I fried my mother board with a static shock. Ouch. There’s about a $100 mistake! When Dubya sends me my tax check, I can buy another, but until then I am using Brandon’s PC, circa 1997. No Everquest! ACK!

School has still been lousy. Here’s my analogy. Soon, teachers are going to be held accountable for student output, rather than what they INPUT to the kids, as it is now. This is similar to having a great omelette making contest. All the chefs in the world are to make an omelette, and it has to pass certain minimum standards for taste, appearance, and such. However, while some chefs get the best, freshest ingredients, and a fancy kitchen, sparing no expense, other chefs have rotten eggs, moldy cheese, and an old greasy frying pan with pure lard to cook with over a campfire. Guess which kind of chef I would be?

Parents as Teachers visited Connor tonight. He is doing awesome for his age. He didn’t show only two things: waving bye and playing pat-a-cake. Of course, as soon as the PAT teacher left, he played pat-a-cake, roll-em-up and all. It figures! I still think he is a genius.

Brandon is learning Spanish in WINGS. He can count to ten by memory, and can say the months and weekdays with the right pronunciation. Condering that I can’t roll my R’s, it’s impressive. He is reading voraciously now. He goes to the bathroom all the time just so he can read. It’s the “library” for sure.


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