Blue Metallic Dragons

I’d like to post about all the stuff that happened at work these past two days. But I’m not going to. Told it too many times already, sick of it. It was lousy, let’s leave it at that.

Yesterday morning, Brandon found a note from the Tooth Fairy under his pillow. Apparently, the Tooth Fairy had conferred with the Valentine’s Day Fairy (or is it an elf?) and they decided to pool their resources. The note directed Brandon to the living room where a brand new Transformer was waiting: Cryotek! I thought Brandon was gonna cry! He looked so happy and shocked, that was the best $20 that I have spent… er.. that the Tooth Fairy has donated in a long time.

That toy is a booger to transform but wow it looks awesome. After a hard day at work there’s nothing like changing giant metallic blue and green dragons to robots with your son to alleviate stress. I highly recommend it.

Along with more cool news, Monday night, Deana put Connor down and took a shower. After a few minutes, the poor guy woke up crying. I went to check on him. Now, usually, he will not even stay on my shoudler if I pick him up at night. He is attached to his mother BIGTIME. However, tonight was different! I soothed him a bit, and put him on my shoulder. I patted his bum and rubbed his head, and in a matter of moments, he was asleep again! I was so stoked. That is only 3 times I have got him back to sleep myself. And, to top it all off, he STAYED asleep when I layed him back down. It sounds like a small thing but man it felt good doing that. I immediately did a victory dance and told Deana all about it. I think she was pretty shocked hehe.

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